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I am an artist who specializes in mixed media and fine arts mosaics. I was born in Cuba, raised in Miami, and reside in Florida. My passion for the arts and creating has been a constant in my life, and I have explored various mediums to express myself authentically and freely. I have found joy in effortlessly blending colors, emotions, energy, and imagination to create my work.

My preferred mediums are acrylics for painting and glass for making mosaics. I am drawn to bold and vibrant colors and appreciate the texture that different materials can bring to my pieces. I am not limited to any specific medium and use any and all materials available to me. Often I incorporate materials like glass/mirrors, gold leaf, paper, metal, dried flowers, wood, and various other recycled objects with my artwork. I find it fulfilling to repurpose things and give them a new life through my art. Each piece I create has its own story to tell!


I am a dreamer at heart and find beauty in the most ordinary things. My inspiration comes from nature and life experiences, which I use to create art that is vibrantly expressive and speaks to the viewer through energetic resonance. When I create and paint, it happens intuitively and spontaneously for me. I allow myself the freedom to create through feeling and intuition.

For me, the beauty of art also lies in the process! I am excited to continue creating pieces that are not only visually stunning but also convey a message and evoke emotions in the viewer.

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